I was born on April 20, 1973 in Prague district Vinohrady and I also spent my childhood there. However, I lived a significant part of my life in my favorite district Žižkov. I ended up moving closer to the river, to Karlín. This part of the city is not my cup of tea, but I live right next to the tunnel to Žižkov, so a bit of it´s atmosphere sometimes blows through my windows. I started with photography at my 12 years, when I successfully documented a school trip with old russian camera Vilia Afto. After that, I used several cameras, including Ljubítel, Praktica or Pentacon Six, before I fell in love with the Nikon FE at the age of 19.  After my studies at the Prague School of Photography, I specialized in documentary and especially photography of urbanized landscapes. The Nikon FE period was followed by a period with a square format camera Hasselblad and a panoramic Noblex. During 15 years I organized approximately 30 exhibitions. Some photo series were awarded in the Prague Photographic and Czech Press Photo competitions. You can find some of the works from this period in the art gallery section. After years, when I got little bit tired of the art, I threw myself into the commercial photography. I have been using my long-term experience in documentary photography in my work on photo reports of events and weddings. For the portfolios and more informations visit the commercial photography section. A few years ago, I expanded my activities to production of jewelry, which is inspired by my photographic work. You can find everything important in the photo jewelry section and visit my e-shop. Enjoy my websites !