I have been engaged in wedding photography with short breaks for more than 15 years. Before I started this specific field of photography, I traveled the world doing reportage and documentary photography. I subsequently used the experience from this period in commercial photography, especially shooting of the weddings.

In the beginning, I was looking for my style. It was not easy to switch from free creation, where only I can be satisfied with the result, to commercial photography, where the client must be satisfied above all. I soon realized that in order for both of us to be satisfied with the result, I had to enjoy the work, above all. In short, I have to stick to my photography style, which I am used to and which suits me.

I gave up on strained poses, an assistant and lighting and started to focus more on emotions, humor, interesting details and on the happenings "behind the curtain". My clients are people who don't take themselves too seriously even at their own wedding and want to look natural in the photos. 

You can view the portfolio and examples of several weddings in the gallery below.


The price for full-day documentation and photo editing is CZK 15,000. The package contains 200-300 edited photos on CD and 20 printed photos 18 x 24 cm. If you are interested in a larger format or more photos, there is no problem in making arrangements. Of course, it is also possible to request a shorter period of shooting than the whole day. In that case, please contact me and we will agree on a customized price.

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