I started making jewelry a few years ago. At that time I was thinking about how to expand the "portfolio" of my activities and it occurred to me that in this way I can get the motifs of my photos to people more effectively. At first I took it more as an experiment. However, as there was interest in the jewelry, I decided to continue in production. The choice of motifs was limited by the shape of the components and also by whether the photo in question is even suitable for jewelry design. The motifs used are therefore quite different from those that can be viewed in the section of my free work art gallery and that were presented at my exhibitions. For example, I simply wouldn't put my favorite panoramic photos into the round shape of the earrings :) As far as technology and material are concerned, I use tinned tombac components, the photos are covered with crystal resin, the earring hooks are made of surgical steel. The jewelry can be purchased below in the e-shop or in the CVRK store in the U Stýblů passage. If the motive you selected is not available in the given category, you can find it in the last item of the motifs gallery and order it. You can also, for example, combine motifs into the necklace as you wish.


If you have any questions about jewelry, e.g. combining motifs that are not currently available in the e-shop, the possibility of picking up goods, complaints, do not hesitate to contact me. I am also attaching links to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Note for possible complaints: small bubbles sometimes appear in the resin during production, which can be partially eliminated, but not 100%.