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In this section I present my free work. As I already mention in my cv on these pages, I have been interested in photography since childhood. I began to devote myself more intensively to this medium after graduating from the Prague School of Photography. Throughout my work, I was mainly interested in photographs of city views, the periphery and industrial landscapes. At the same time, I devoted myself to reportage and documentaries. Except for a short period when I experimented with color roll film, my work was characterized by raw black and white contrast photography. Over the course of 20 years, I organized around thirty exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad (exhibition section below), some photos were awarded in the Prague Photo and Czech Press Photo competitions. I would divide my work into four parts according to the type of camera I was working with at the time.

1992-2004 Nikon FE

Photographs of urban and urbanized landscapes (mainly the Prague suburbs), taken with a Nikon FE film camera, shot on high-sensitivity films (up to 3200 iso), presented mainly at the exhibition "Landscapes" in the photography gallery in March 2005 and "City" in the Václav Špála Gallery in December 2006 (with repeats in Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Sofia, Aranjuez and Alcalá de Henarez). Photographs awarded 25 prizes in Prague photography and 2nd place at Czech Press Photo.

2004-2007 Noblex 135

Panoramic photos from the streets of Prague, Ulaanbaatar, Buenos Aires, Marrakesh, Amsterdam, Essaouira, Varanasi and other places taken with a cine film panoramic camera Noblex 135. They were presented mainly as part of the Panhorama project in the Ambit of the Franciscan Monastery and the Václav Špála gallery, and there at the separate exhibition "The City ". The Ulanbaatar file was awarded the 3rd prize in the Czech Press Photo competition.

2007-2009 Hasselblad 501 c

Square-format photos from a Hasselblad camera, mostly minimalist landscapes and fragments of city streets. A selection of these photographs was presented in January 2010 at the "Landscape" exhibition in the Czech Center Prague, with a repeat in Bucharest.

2011-2012 Yashica mat 124 g

Mainly urban motifs, this time taken with an old Yashica twin-lens reflex camera on a color slide, subsequently developed using the cross method. The photographs were not subsequently edited, but were illuminated with colored diodes at the exhibitions. With this experiment, I said goodbye to free creation for the time being.



The City / Gallery of Václav Špála / December 2006

The exhibition The City took place in December 2006 at the Václav Špála Gallery. It was a comprehensive photography project, focused mainly on motifs of the Prague periphery. 50 large-format photographs were exhibited on two floors of the gallery. The first part consisted of photos taken with a Nikon FE film SLR, deliberately shot on high-sensitivity film (up to 3200 ISO). These photographs were taken in the years 1997-2002 and were awarded prizes in the Prague Photographic and Czech Press Photo competitions. In the second part, panoramic photographs were exhibited. These images were part of a project that documented urban and urbanized landscapes with a Noblex panoramic camera in 2002-2006 in various parts of the world (Landscape panorama/Noblex).

 presentation of the exhibition

short moovie from the opening

info about the exhibition in media

reruns of the exhibition

Moscow / NCCA (2007) / Gorod

report from the opening in moscow

Zámek Blatná (2007) / Město

Varšava (2007) / Miasto 

Tarnowskie gory (2008) / Miasto

Budapešť (2008) / A Város

Sofia (2010) / Gradt

Aranjuez (2011) / La Ciudad

Alcalá de henares (2012) / La Ciudad

The Landscape / Czech centre Prague / November 2010

Landscape exhibition! took place in January 2010 at the Czech Center in Prague. Twelve large-format black-and-white photographs 1.5 m x 1.5 m, taken with a Hasselblad, were presented here. A thematic addition to the exhibition is a moovie created from the author's previous work.

presentation of the exhibition

short moovie presented at the exhibition


Viniční Altán Gröbovka (2010) / Krajina !

Czech center Bukurest (2011) / Țară !  

review:  FotoDepo

other exhibitions

 Participation in an exhibition within the Cervantes Institute project (2010) / Rome (Real Academia di Spagna)

Participation in the exhibition Miradas de europa (2010) / Madrid (Círculo de Bellas Artes)

Prezentation on  Prague Photo (2012) / DOX

Prezentation on Prague Photo (2011) / Mánes

Participation in the photo festival in Plovdiv (2010)

Manaus (2009)  / Tlustá myš

Varánasí (2008) / Kávovarna

Maroko (2007) / Kávovarna 

Panhorama (2006) / Děčínská synagoga

Panhorama (2005) / Galerie Václava Špály

Vitamine (2005) / Serpentina

Buenos Aires (2005) / Café Karlín

Ulanbatar (2005) / Humanistické hnutí Narovinu

Mongolsko (2005) / Centrum Fotoškoda

Argentina v Kávovarně (2005) / Kávovarna

Panorama (2005) / Underground Photo Gallery (Finsko)

Město (2005) / World Webphoto Gallery

Landscapes (2005) / Galerie Fotografic  (recenze Lidové noviny, Digiaréna)

Ulanbatar (2004) / ČTK

Havana (2004) / ČTK 

Cuba (2004) / Galeria del Quijote

Havana (2003) / festival Musica Paka

Cuba (2003) / Tlustá myš

Ukrajina (2002) / Tlustá myš

Výstava (1998) / bar UPM

Siluety (1996) / Strahovský klášter

2001-2009 účast na Czech Press Photo a Praha Fotografická / Staroměstská radnice, Ambit

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